Long Term Support Releases

The OVN project will periodically designate a release as “long-term support” or LTS for short. An LTS release has the distinction of being maintained for longer than a standard release.

LTS releases will receive bug fixes until the point that another LTS is released. At that point, the old LTS will receive an additional year of critical and security fixes. Critical fixes are those that are required to ensure basic operation (e.g. memory leak fixes, crash fixes). Security fixes are those that address concerns about exploitable flaws in OVN and that have a corresponding CVE report.

LTS releases are scheduled to be released once every two years. This means that any given LTS will receive bug fix support for two years, followed by one year of critical bug fixes and security fixes.

Current LTS release

Series Release Release Date Release Notes
OVN 22.03 OVN 22.03.2 (LTS) 20 Dec 2022 N/A Doc 22.03.2

Previous LTS releases

There are no previous LTS release series.