Release 22.12.0

22.12.0 is mainly a stability release. The vast majority of commits were made with stabilization and fixing issues in mind.

In addition to bug fixes, the 21.12.0 release of OVN contains a mix of new features and performance improvements.

New Features

  • There is a new option to automatically inherit load balancer groups from a logical router to its connected logical switches.
  • A new load balancer affinity option has been added, which allows for a new load balancer backend to automatically be chosen after a configured time.
  • IPFIX sampling has been added as a means of debugging dropped packets.
  • A new logical flow action, ct_commit_nat, has been added, to allow for related packets (such as ICMP packets) to traverse a load balancer the same as the main connection traffic.
  • Chassis template variables have been added to allow for easier configuration of similar load balancers that are applied across multiple chassis.

Performance Enhancements

  • Some additional incremental processing has been added to northd, including for address set and port group propagation from the northbound to the southbound database.
  • Chassis template variables can be used to greatly reduce the number of logical flows that are created for load balancers, depending on the use case.