Release 23.03.0

In addition to bug fixes, the 23.03.0 release of OVN contains a mix of new features and performance improvements.

New Features

  • Remote port mirroring support has been added as an experimental feature.
  • Support for running multiple instances of ovn-controller on the same hypervisor has been added as an experimental feature.
  • Load balancer health checks now also support IPv6.

Performance Enhancement

  • ovn-northd now uses bitmaps instead of hash tables for datapaths. This greatly reduces the lookup speed of datapaths and reduces memory usage as well.
  • Unneeded calls to strlen have been replaced. Many of these were done as a means of ensuring the string was not zero-length. Now we just check the first byte of the string for the null character instead.
  • When using IPFIX sampling, we now only sample if a collector set exists. This reduces unnecessary upcalls for cases where we are unable to actually sample.