OVN 23.09

OVN 23.09 was initially released on 15 September, 2023. This version of OVN is currently supported for all bug fixes. Support for this version will end on 15 September, 2024.


v23.09.0 was released on 15 September, 2023.

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Release Notes:

OVN v23.09.0 - 15 Sep 2023
  - Added FDB aging mechanism, that is disabled by default.
    It can be enabled per logical switch with other_config
  - Add DHCPv6 "fqdn" (39) option, that works similarly to
    DHCPv4 "hostname" (12) option.
  - Support to create/update MAC_Binding when GARP received from VTEP (RAMP)
    switch on l3dgw port.
  - To allow optimizing ovn-controller's monitor conditions for the regular
    VIF case, ovn-controller now unconditionally monitors all sub-ports
    (ports with parent_port set).
  - ECMP routes use L4_SYM dp-hash by default if the datapath supports it.
    Existing sessions might get re-hashed to a different ECMP path when
    OVN detects the algorithm support in the datapath during an upgrade
    or restart of ovn-controller.
  - Add "northd-backoff-interval-ms" config option to delay northd engine
    runs capped at the set value.
  - Add "garp-max-timeout-sec" config option to vswitchd external-ids to
    cap the time between when ovn-controller sends gARP packets.
  - Introduce support for binding remote ports in ovn-northd if the CMS sets
    requested-chassis option for a remote logical switch port.
  - Added support to reply success for DHCPv6 Release messages.